Portfolios Address Pay Equity and Equal Access

In 10 years, all adults will maintain a professional portfolio and compensation will be outcomes-based. Until then, we have to deal with the issues of the gender pay inequality and compensation based on time at the desk.

The UK government recently introduced a requirement for gender pay gap reporting to drive equality in the workplace. As a result of this requirement, Barclays reported that women make 43.5% less than men in their investment banking division, 14.2% less in their retail banking division, and 29.9% in their holding company (Source).

This is more than a campaign for pay equity. Women want to be recognized for the value and contribution they bring to their organizations. Women are not campaigning for equal pay because they are women. Women are campaigning for equal pay because they achieve the same targets as men and because they provide countless soft skills that improve workplace function.

Women and their organizations need a way to facilitate equality.

The solution is based on hard-evidence and data-driven decision making. The solution facilitates an apples-to-apples comparison of contribution. The solution is scalable in order to provide every woman with a voice. The solution ensures women and men understand the evaluation criteria and provide evidence against this criteria.

The solution is competency-based portfolios. Portfolios empower the user to gather evidence in multi-media format in defense of merit. Competency.io portfolios invite organizations to frame portfolios using core values and core competencies so that the curated content is especially useful.

If you are a woman – demand your organization build a solution for pay equity and start assembling your professional portfolio today.

If you are an organization – contact us today to embed professional portfolios in your practice and be a leader in the campaign for pay equity.

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