Portfolios Address Pay Equity and Equal Access

Barclays reported that women make up to 43% less than men. This is more than a campaign for pay equity. Women want to be recognized for the value and contribution they bring to their organizations. Women are not campaigning for equal pay because they are women. Women are campaigning for equal pay because they achieve the same targets as men and because they provide countless soft skills that improve workplace function.

Work Journaling

Albert Einstein kept a journal. So did Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Frida Kahlo, and Mark Twain. Work journals bring the benefits of journaling into the workplace. 5-minutes a day can save 60 minutes of emotional turmoil and interpersonal conflict.

2018 Career Resolutions

2018 -- This is the year! This is the year that you’re going to change jobs, pull the trigger, take the leap, leave your current holding pattern and find a career that you love!

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