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We can take care of everything that comes before the portfolio. 

Improve talent acquisition, retention, engagement and learning with portfolios. 

COMPETENCY.IO offers a suite of services to help you transform your corporate learning and professional development program. First the framework, then the portfolio, and finally the results!

Pro-d Audit

Create a comprehensive record of all the teaching and learning activities happening within your organization. Use this baseline data to make strategic decisions.
(1 – 3 days)

Data Collection

Canvas members of your organization about the roles that are most important and the competencies key to each role. Survey widely or run strategic focus groups.
(3 – 5 days)

Pro-d Planning

At the heart of a successful corporate learning strategy is alignment between your goals (mission, vision, and values), learning activities, and performance measures. Let our experts show you what this means for your organization.
(1 – 2 days)


Determine what competence looks like for each role within your organization. Map the competencies core to the key roles and identify relationships between the roles.
(3 – 5 days)

Standards & Definitions

Competency profiles are only as strong as the specific, measurable, contextual performance descriptors. Develop levelled indicators and use educational theory to set standards for professional performance (2 – 4 days).

Profile Assembly

Create an organization-wide competency profile that defines the difference between you and your competitor. Develop competency profiles for a whole profession, a large division, a department, or an individual role.
(3 – 10 days) did an audit of existing pro-d initiatives and met with key staff to develop solutions for our professional learning program. They worked magic with a diminishing budget and engaged more staff that we could have ever imagined.
Lisa Beecroft – Owner Caffe Divano