Protect your business, retain your employees and avoid mis-hires

competency.io for Enterprise

Use competency.io and require existing and aspiring employees to post evidence against the values and competencies you define as important.

Get tangible insights into the current competency levels within your organization and rethink retention and recognition 

Improve Hiring Accuracy

Require applicants to post evidence against core values and core competencies

Retain Your Talent

Create career progression pathways and recognition programs for your top talent

Protect & Comply

Require deep evidence of competency, not just a piece of paper

Engage every member of your team

COMPETENCY.IO scales easily to bring professional development to ever member of your team – not just a select group of leaders.
Increase engagement and see immediate improvements to your bottom line..

Indepth reports

See learning and development progress. Identify areas of strength and weakness for individuals and across your organization.


Find competent people by searching profiles completed by external or internal candidates.

Share & collaborate

Create an online showcase for new ideas and best practices across your organization.

We have 2,500 individuals across Canada. We’ve been looking for a private & secure platform to share best practices and promote professional learning despite our geographical challenges

Shane Matheson, Calgary, Alberta