Choose the platform that will help form our next generation of learners for Education is an award-winning personal portfolio platform and assessment system. It uniquely couples a user driven portfolio platform with enterprise defined structured portfolios, giving students better ways to evidence competency 


Every member of our leadership team has a background in education. We’re passionate about building a platform that helps people to showcase their work and to form our next generation of learners.


Construct your own competency profiles from pre-defined elements and apply them to your students. Provide structured, measurable ways to assess competency.

Optimized Learning

With our unique platform, students can complete the competency components you set only having to learn targeted elements. This makes learning far more cost, and time, effective.

Gain Insight

Obtain valuable insight to the status and progress of your students. Find out which students have, or don’t have, your pre-defined competency profiles.

For Life

Students keep all the work they’ve done and just renew their own account when they leave your institution. They can join their business community when they want to, simple.


With secure country-specific hosting and cloud-based technology, there’s no costly or complicated servers to maintain. 

It works on desktops, phones or tablets.

Focused Teaching

With, I can easily make each part of my students course bite-sized. They can complete at a pace that they feel comfortable with and I can focus teaching on parts that students need to learn. This helps me save time and students are not being taught something they already know.”

Kelly Ponderosa


Features for Educators

Powerful and engaging

The platform has been designed to be fully responsive – it works on all major phones, tablets and desktops together with all major browser versions.

You can take photos or include documents from DropBox™, OneDrive™ or Google Drive™.

You can see an instant feed of work that students are doing and access a powerful enterprise dashboard with reporting, insights, statistics & management tools.

Your own Competency Profiles

The competency profile structure used on provides amazing flexibility. You can define elements of competency components and build them to form a comprehensive competency profile. Elements can be shared across different competencies and be grouped into manageable chunks.

You can offer these competency profiles in our unique MarketPlace giving you the opportunity to create revenue streams for your institution, or simply to offer open online learning.

Progress Journaling 

Your students progress is compelling and can be engaging to others. Our platform offers full  timelined journals that can be private, public or shared with groups the students choose.

People can comment, share or like individual journals