TGK Irrigation


TGK Irrigation is an award winning BC-based construction company specializing in irrigation, drainage, waterworks, spray works, and water features.

The Problem

TGK needs to scale up quickly when contracts are awarded and make sure that each new hire has the certification required to work on the job. In addition, they operate all over Canada and often in remote communities. It’s an issue of safety, compliance, documentation, and quick action.

The Solution

Owners of TGK Irrigation created a portfolio template using and made it available using the MarketPlace. Each category within the template corresponds to certification required to work for TGK Irrigation, including: confined space entry, fall protection, first aid, and WHMIS. TGK also included several categories in their portfolio template that welcome new applicants and employees to post evidence of their construction experience and other certifications that distinguish them from others.

The Results

TGK is well staffed and in compliance. They have a portfolio for every staff member – past, current, and aspiring – in a secure and branded digital community. Furthermore, the portfolios are available regardless of the location of the project, which makes record keeping very easy for the owners. has saved them time, money, and stress!