What does learning look like at your organization?

Let me guess. You have an LMS, but you struggle to keep the content current. You have a person responsible for learning and development, but they struggle to connect with the masses. You spend thousands of dollars every year on professional development, but you have nothing to show for it. And, although you want everyone in your organization engaged in professional development only a few seem to be taking advantage of the opportunities.

Don’t worry. This is the case for most corporate learning programs.

In most organizations, learning is handled differently across departments and is disjointed throughout the whole organization. One department is focused on safety and compliance while another department focuses on leadership training. Isn’t safety and leadership important for everyone? Furthermore, departments use different platforms to share training materials, branding is inconsistent, and there is no quality assurance.

Give departments autonomy and create a foundation for professional development that will ensure every dollar you spend is aligned with organizational goals. Flip the responsibility for content creation and engage every individual in a personal learning journey. This is all possible with competency.io!

Connect your HR leader with the educational team at competency.io. We will create a foundation for your corporate learning program and empower each one of your employees with an electronic portfolio. You define what matters and challenge your staff to post evidence against these criteria. Add new criteria as your priorities shift. Share and showcase within a secure space to spur further innovation across your organization. The evidence will be indisputable!

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