The Globe Publishes Two Articles That Point Directly to

The Globe and Mail recently published two articles that provide supportive evidence for portfolios.

In her article, “Employee engagement is a two-way street” (The Globe and Mail, 14/10/17), Eileen Dooley links learning directly to employee engagement. She notes that in cost-constrained times, few employers have the means to send employees off to interesting conferences and seminars. Employees need to identify gaps and seek out learning opportunities in unique ways. This is possible using Using, employers can provide guidance  for alternative learning and recognition of outcomes.

In his article, “How to integrate continuous learning into your job” (The Globe and Mail, 6/10/17), Michael Litt suggests that once an employee self-identifies areas of needs improvement, they should seek out mentorship – leveraging collective, surrounding intelligence. can facilitate this. Employers can use portfolios to help employees self-assess their skills, knowledge and abilities by defining what matters, describing exemplar behaviours, and suggesting growth opportunities. portfolios are strategically framed by corporations and organizations. Each portfolio features carefully curated evidence from individual users. Individuals inside an organization use portfolios to defend merit, understand expectations, identify gaps and define learning pathways. Individuals outside an organization use portfolios to demonstrate fit and to differentiate themselves from the next applicant.

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