CBC Marketplace exposes the fake credentials industry

Earlier this month, CBC Marketplace exposed the fake credentials industry. According to CBC, it’s possible that more than 800 Canadians have purchased phoney degrees and are working with fake credentials in disciplines such as engineering, education, nursing, and counselling. This puts the public immediately at risk.

Employers must start demanding more than a copy of a diploma. It is impossible to follow-up on every academic credential listed on a resume, but it is possible to surf through an organized selection of artefacts posted against claims of competency and qualification.

Imagine an applicant lists a Master’s degree in the education section of his resume. Then, against this claim, he also posts a link to a digital file of his published thesis and a peer-reviewed journal citing this thesis. Then, imagine that this same applicant posts evidence against a set of core competencies defined his profession and linked to his education. This selection of evidence includes photos, documents, videos, testimonials, and reviews that provide indisputable evidence of competency.

Collections of evidence will also help employers differentiate one degree from the next. A student graduating from a local university with a 60% average will posses the same credential as someone graduating from an internationally recognized institution with a GPA of 4-point-0. How can you differentiate between the two? Well, demand a deep and thorough collection of evidence. Observe the difference in ingenuity, communication skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinking skills through evidence posted within carefully constructed online portfolios.

Develop a process to verify and vet academic credentials that puts the additional workload on the applicant. But don’t stop there! Use this process to create next-step learning opportunities that flip the responsibility for professional development. Attract the best. Hire the best. And then help them grow within your company so that they see a future with you.

http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/diploma-mills-marketplace-fake-degrees-1.4279513 (Accessed Sept. 27, 2017)

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