Teranishi and Associates


Teranishi & Associates is a small accounting firm in BC, Canada. They specialize in small business accounting and personal income tax.


The owners can’t afford to make expensive hiring mistakes. They lead a small team and a mis-hire has implications for company culture and the company’s bottom line.


Mr. Teranishi created a profile featuring competencies that are critical to success at the firm, including: customer service, initiative, problem solving, conflict resolution, English language proficiency, and accounting experience. He defined each competency as clearly as possible and required all new hires to post carefully selected, multi-media evidence against each competency in an online portfolio – in advance of hiring.


The owners haven’t made a hiring mistake since using Competency.io and they’ve saved thousands of dollars. Applicants take the extra time required to provide evidence of their value in an online portfolio. The process also serves to communicate company values to new hires. The evidence doesn’t lie!