Gabi and Jules


Gabi & Jules is a bakery in Port Moody, BC that features hand-made pies and other baked goodness. In addition to outstanding food and a fabulous atmosphere, Gabi & Jules offers employment to people on the autism spectrum and donates a part of their proceeds to Medicare for Autism Now and the Autism Support Network.

The Problem

Gabi & Jules struggled with high turnover. Through a series of exit interviews managers came to understand that young employees did not understand the transferrable skills they were developing on the job. 

The Solution

Gabi & Jules built a competency profile featuring categories and criteria central to performance in the bakery: customer service, coffee knowledge, problem solving, initiative and store stewardship. Employees posted evidence against each competency and built valuable professional portfolios. 

The Results

Turnover decreased. Employees are staying with the company longer because they can articulate the skills, knowledge and abilities they are developing while working at Gabi & Jules. They also have a vehicle to earn recognition for their initiatives around the store. Employees at Gabi & Jules have reinvented the “selfie” and are building professional portfolios that are real assets.