Fuud is a rapidly growing meal kit delivery service in Vancouver, Canada. Every week, Fuud features delicious, seasonal recipes created by a team of talented chefs. Ingredients are fresh, local, organic, and sustainably produced.    

The Problem

As the company grew, Fuud founders struggled to nurture the company’s culture and embed core values across diverse teams and expansive geography. Fuud’s core values are central to its product, so this was a problem.

The Solution

Fuud created a competency profile based on its core values and made this profile available to team members and aspiring employees using competency.io. Individuals accessed the profile using competency.io’s MarketPlace and uploaded multi-media evidence into an online portfolio. The profile featured values such as making connections, living locally, and eating sustainably.

The Results

Staff aspired to align their performance with the company’s core values. They shared portfolio artefacts with one another and this had measurable impact across the company. Hiring also got easier. New hires learned about the company’s core values from the competency profile and used evidence to demonstrate why they would be a perfect fit for Fuud.