Caffe Divano

“We identified an issue with retention and personal development within our company – we moved from a plain Learning Management System to and found that it engages our employees in a completely different, and beneficial way”

Patrick Beecroft, Caffe Divano Owner


Caffe Divano is a popular coffee company with three locations in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Caffe Divano concentrates on providing exceptional service, locally and home-made food and quality coffee. It has operated for nearly 10 years and is a local staple with many people. 

The problem

As with most service-based businesses, there is a relatively high turnover of staff. Staff tend to be young and “pre-career”. Caffe Divano wants to offer high quality on-boarding as well as continued training to help staff deal with their roles and to help set them up for their future careers.

How did help?

Veteran staff got together and defined the knowledge, skills and abilities core to success at Caffe Divano: customer service, cash handling, stock & display, initiative, and cleanliness. These competencies were further defined by management and posted to a portfolio template using Staff were invited to catch each other doing great work and encouraged to post this evidence in online portfolios framed by important competencies above.  

The Results

Caffe Divano increased retention by close to 50%! This had a direct impact on the bottom line and workplace morale. Staff members were excited to capture evidence of their great work and to share robust portfolios with managers and prospective employers.