COMPETENCY.IO is nestled in a beautiful suburb of Vancouver, BC

About Us

COMPETENCY.IO is a service from Evera Outcomes Measurement Inc. We are a group of creative thinkers in Port Moody, British Columbia dedicated to building web-based solutions for learning and development. 

At COMPETENCY.IO, we enjoy performing random acts of kindness, which often include answer people’s pleas for help on social media. When we’re not working on COMPETENCY.IO, you will find us playing ice hockey, running science experiments, coaching teams, raising children, and drinking coffee. 

Meet the Team

Kumi A

CEO & Co-Founder
Kumi is an educator. Her teaching experience transcends more than twenty years in corporate learning, post-secondary education, and K-12. Soon after the birth of the first online Learning Management System, Kumi completed a Master’s in Learning and Technology and committed herself to a lifetime of empowering others through education. 

Rick dC

CTO & Co-Founder
Rick is an educator and an accomplished web developer. His web platforms have engaged more than 20 million people worldwide. Rick grew up in the UK and brings a wide range of experience to the table previously working as an Outdoor Education Instructor to leading specialized units as a Police Officer, before moving into the private sector and web technology over 18 years ago.