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competency.io is a complete and customizable ecosystem to help people share their work, build portfolios, learn, develop and grow

One of the most common complaints from employees and students is they don't feel their work is recognized - now they can with the competency.io platform.
Retain and develop your most valuable asset, your people.


Set yourself apart from others with indisputable evidence
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Retain your employees, avoid mis-hires, and promote learning
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Choose the platform that will help form our next generation of learners
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Use competency.io for knowledge, ability, skill & behavioural competency analysis
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People are amazing, let them show it

Users get secure cloud storage to store evidence of their work where they can collaborate with others in their own private or public networks.
Users can expand their skill sets with our open Competency Marketplace, discovering pre-defined competency profiles from a wide range of organizations.
At the end of it all, users can have evidence of their work VERIFIED by organizations directly - providing an indispensable resource for career growth or personal development.
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Recruit and keep the best employees

Only with the COMPETENCY.IO platform, can you provide a comprehensive tool to drive learning and development within your organization - with nothing to install or maintain.
Your employees can get the recognition they deserve from sharing and colloborating on each others work, increasing retention by over 38%. You can get real-time reports to assist with professional development at all levels and targeting the right employees for internal positions or projects.
You can post competency frameworks to the MarketPlace to aid with internal professional development as well as find that potential new employee.
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What do our users & partners think?

Melissa Lenhardt
Vancouver, BC
Career Progression
I've used competency.io for the past few months to build portfolios and journals of work to help me prepare for a new management position. I sent them a link to my profile and they loved it.
Doug Hathersage
Toronto, ON
I use competency.io to get new hires to complete a set of pre-defined competency portfolios, it helps me categorize those when it comes to interviews and to onboard them when they join the company.
Wendy Harper
Victoria, BC
I'm a teacher, I use competency.io to provide structured learning for my students. I've created competency profiles for different aspects of the curriculum. I can make sure all students are at the required level, and see all their work.
Samantha Crowler
Seattle, WA
Safety & Compliance
I'm in Safety & Compliance for my organization. We use competency.io to make sure all employees meet the levels required by regulation, I can easily check that all people in specific groups are compliant.
Trevor Falstaff
Vancouver, BC
Staff Training
We use competency.io in 3 of our stores to help with training. It's easy to assign competency profiles we've developed and keep track of their progress. If they leave, their profile stays with them getting them ready for their next step.
Thomas Buchan
Vancouver, BC
Recruitment & Training
Fuud.ca is a new startup, this means taking on staff, getting them up-to-speed as soon as possible, providing standardized job roles and competency requirements from managers to chefs. Competency.io has helped to do this.
Lisa Beecroft
Port Moody, BC
Staff Development
We replaced our existing LMS with competency.io. It's allowed us to provide a rich & fun learning experience for our staff, keep track of their progress, encourage them and allow them to keep a record of their work.
Jason Golbey
Vancouver, BC
Hiring & Professional Develoment
As the owner of a law firm, it's vital that we recruit and ensure that our people are competent. Competency.io provides a platform for us that helps with hiring accuracy, onboarding, development and professional development.

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